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Tish Sampson

Methuen Mass 01844


In Loving Memory Tony


Original Monkey Drawing By

Anthony Gordon Guptill

How we got here!

Monkey Business Creations started as a passion project, For years I just wanted to create things that make people Smile. I could never come up with a Company name.
Life is not always easy. We all go through Rough times. It’s what we Learn along the way that Helps us and teaches us. I lost my Son at the age of 31, 6 days before his Birthday. My Son was always very artistic. He was always drawing since he was very young. He created many tattoos & had a passion for monkeys. He always drew Monkey’s we had Monkeys everywhere and on everything. So one day I was missing him so much I was going through all his stuff and of course so many Monkey Drawings, so I thought how about Monkey Business Creations, He would be so proud